The topic of the month was how engineers at Skyscanner got along with React Native and Bruno’s adventures with the brand new ARKit 2.0 framework. If you would like to connect with us outside the events, register for our Slack channel here.

Info event available here.

Sponsor of the month: Skyscanner

Location: Skyscanner office Budapest

Skyscanner office Budapest


Ádám Pelle (Skyscanner) - Adding React native to the mix

React Native gets you up and running fairly quick and easy by adding an additional abstraction layer and hide native elements. What happens though when you have an existing large-scale native app and want to introduce React Native on the top of that (so-called “brown-field” situation)? In this talk, I’ll cover the difficulties we faced around the integration of two sides and what approach we took to facilitate React Native development in our existing app.

Bruno Muniz (Supercharge) - ARKit 2.0

Among all the good things that came with iOS 12, ARKit 2.0 was definitely the best one. Sharing and Persisting experiences, Image tracking, Object Scanning and Enhanced face anchors. In this presentation we we’ll see how these things work and how can we integrate machine learning to use ARKit to navigate through the web without having a LCD monitor.

Big shoutout to Skyscanner for sponsoring this event.