This month’s first topic was about Apple In App Purchases, how to do them well, what to watch out for. After that we learned how to simplify our lives with Fastlane’s match tool. If you would like to connect with us outside the events, register for our Slack channel here.

Info event available here.

Sponsor of the month: Supercharge

Location: Supercharge HQ


Alexandre Thomas (Accedo) - Apple In app purchase explained

When I started to implement in app purchase recurring subscription I was a bit afraid as it includes money and you don’t want things to go wrong for the final users. During the talk I will show the whole process on how to setup the system, how to implement it in your app with StoreKit API and share some lessons learnt so you could be more confortable next time you include it in your project.

Richard Radics (Supercharge) - Simplify your life with fastlane match

If you are just starting a new project, it’s important to think about how you want to handle code signing. You can go with the manual way, but after a while it can be really exhausting e.g. re-generating the profiles and update the build pipelines every time when the client sends a new UDID. In this presentation Richard will walk through how to convert your iOS project with existing certificates and provisioning profiles to use fastlane’s match and have an automatic setup for handling code signing.

Big shoutout to Supercharge for sponsoring this event.