This April we met at the beautiful Skyscanner office to talk about testing, sharing code between iOS and macOS projects and how could we improve our code quality with a linter. You can still register to our Slack, fill in your email here.

Info event available here.

Sponsor of the month: Skyscanner

Location: Skyscanner office Budapest

Skyscanner office Budapest


Bruno Muniz (Supercharge) - Writing UI/Unit tests with Xcode

In this lightning talk, Bruno will explain why testing iOS is useful and also, comment his experience testing iOS apps using both UI tests and Unit tests and nothing more than Xcode.

Laszlo Agardi (Tresorit) - Sharing code between iOS and Mac

When you develop both an iOS and a Mac app, you want to share as much code as possible. While creating a shared codebase you also have to separate platform specific tasks. We started out with the Mac app and later added iOS. I will talk about how we structured our code to tackle this problem.

Gabor Nagy Farkas (Supercharge) - Lint all the things!

We will take a tour around SwiftLint, Realm’s Swift linter library. Let’s explore together why linting is good, how to do it and how to customise it for your needs.

Big thanks to Skyscanner for sponsoring this event.