Welcome to our meetup’s page. If you’d like to attend to the next event, RSVP on our meetup.com page.

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What is a meetup?

A place where you can find out how others do the technology. A place for getting to know each other. We are actually a community! 😊

How does an event look like?

There are normal talks which are 20-30 minutes long and lightning talks which are 10-15 min long. Mostly two or more talks at a time, one break between them.

Past events

Because this page is brand new, you can find our past events here.

Interested in talking at the meetup?

Just reach out to Gabor Nagy Farkas on any platform(Slack, Meetup.com, Twitter, GitHub etc.)

Code of Conduct

We stand for a Welcoming Community. At our meetups we encourage respectful smart conversations that help improvement and inspire innovation. Sexism, racism, and being an asshole in general is not appreciated. If you do so, get prepared to be challenged by meetup members, who will probably ask what’s wrong with you.